Boiler Cleaning Boring

Boiler Cleaning Boring


Need boiler cleaning services in Boring, OR? Do not look any further! Drain-Pro Inc. offers one of the best industrial boiler cleaning services in this area. Our highly trained staff makes boiler cleaning jobs truly:

  • Effective
  • Fast
  • Smooth and well-managed

Knowing how important boilers are to your business, we ensure they are cleaned thoroughly for high efficiency. Clean boilers produce more heat speedily. Our experienced boiler cleaning specialists know their job well. They complete every boiler cleaning task without damaging boiler tubes or other equipment.

Boilers are vital in many residential, commercial, educational and industrial facilities. Hospitals, schools, commercial complexes often have boilers that serve as their central heating system. Boiler cleaning in Boring properties is vital for maintaining safety as well as efficiency, and also for avoiding equipment breakdowns. Timely boiler maintenance cuts down energy usage and operating costs.

Tank Cleaning Boring


Most people think industrial tank cleaning in the Boring area is a challenging job, but we think differently! We are locally owned and operated tank cleaning experts providing services to an array of manufacturing units and industries. We:

  • Follow health and safety regulations
  • Complete every job on time
  • Have ability to handle large and small jobs

Our large vacuum trucks are capable of carrying and disposing of huge quantities of sludge, semisolids or liquids in certified disposal facilities. With our state-of-the-art tank cleaning equipment, sludge from industrial tank bottoms is cleaned thoroughly in a fraction of time taken by traditional tank cleaning methods.

We never compromise on safety while working on tank cleaning, water separator cleaning or any other projects. We take proper measures to safeguard our personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Water Separator Cleaning Boring


No matter how top-of-the-line your equipment is, you will require oil water separator cleaning in your Boring area home or commercial property at regular intervals.

With regular use, solids flowing in with water accumulate in the chambers. This reduces the holding capacity, flow capability and effectiveness of oil and water separators. Failing to schedule timely water separator cleaning can lead to code violation issues and fines.

Water separator cleaning is no DIY job. It requires trained professionals like us who have the required knowledge and equipment. We offer oil water separator cleaning for:

  • Underground and above ground systems
  • Small and large separators
  • Homes and industries

For tank cleaning in the Boring area by professional technicians, call Drain-Pro Inc. at (503) 217-4510. You can also schedule boiler cleaning and oil water separator cleaning services with us.