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Boiler Cleaning Gig Harbor

Boiler Cleaning Gig Harbor


Cleaning of a machine or equipment is essential to keep it working efficiently. The same goes for boilers. If you wish to enhance the working of your boilers, you must use professional boiler cleaning services. Call in experts that have the expertise and the equipment to handle your boiler cleaning needs.

Count on Drain-Pro Inc. for any boiler cleaning services in the Gig Harbor, WA area. As a reliable and established company, we have been offering our boiler cleaning services since 2007. We recommend our customers have regular and timely boiler cleaning services to avoid any issues later that arise due to clogged or unclean boilers.

Trust our skilled and experienced technicians for thorough boiler cleaning services in Gig Harbor. We use the best quality equipment and latest techniques to provide our services. Call us for boiler cleaning and get the following benefits:

  • Reduce the fuel costs as boilers run efficiently
  • Decreased chances of carbon monoxide emission
  • Avoid costly repairs as any minor issues are known early

Tank Cleaning Gig Harbor


You should complete tank cleaning services at least twice a year. However, if this is not possible, you must get it done annually to do away with the contaminants that might settle in the tank. Call our professionals for the required tank cleaning. Do not attempt to do it yourself. We are the right equipment and experience to handle any problems that might occur.

Rely on us for tank cleaning services around Gig Harbor. We follow these steps when performing efficient tank cleaning:

  • Drain the water
  • Clean the tank interiors
  • Remove the sludge
  • Wash the tank interiors

We use the most advanced equipment for tank cleaning. You need not worry about the confined entry necessary as our technicians are familiar with all types of tank cleaning and water separator cleaning services.

Water Separator Cleaning Gig Harbor


An oil water separator is effective equipment that separates the oil from water and keeps them in separate compartments. You need the services of experts that have the expertise to provide the required water separator cleaning services.

Let us provide you efficient and thorough water separator cleaning services around Gig Harbor so that the following are not compromised:

  • Flow
  • Capacity
  • Effectiveness

The accumulation of solids in the tank can compromise it causing the oil to flow instead of the cleaned effluent. Rely on our water separator cleaning services and avoid any permit violations and compliance issues.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3845 for any water separator cleaning or tank cleaning services in the Gig Harbor area.