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Boiler Cleaning Tacoma

Boiler Cleaning Tacoma


Boiler cleaning is a routine requirement in many facilities including power plants, paper mills, petrochemical facilities, agricultural units. Boiler cleaning in Tacoma, WA can only be handled safely and efficiently by professionals like Drain-Pro Inc. We maintain top-notch capabilities for a range of cleaning tasks including boiler cleaning, sludge and soil removal, oil water separator cleaning and tank cleaning.

Commercial boilers come in different varieties and designs. We understand how to handle different boilers and offer highly satisfying boiler cleaning services to our Tacoma customers. Thorough boiler cleaning increases boiler efficiency and cuts down operational costs. Our services include:

  • Wet vacuuming
  • Dry vacuuming
  • Grease pumping

Apart from industries, boilers are also used in several residential, educational and commercial facilities. We can help there too with timely boiler cleaning so as to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Tank Cleaning Tacoma


Our experienced technicians are also trained at handling all types of tank cleaning jobs in the Tacoma area. They do the job:

  • Using appropriate pumps and equipment
  • With great proficiency
  • Safely

Sludge and material residue buildup can hinder the efficiency of storage tanks. When we are done with the work, you will get a totally clean tank that you can use without fear of cross-contamination.

Industrial tank cleaning can be a risky job. We employ the highest standards of safety measures, state-of-the-art technology, and specialized equipment for every tank cleaning project that we undertake.

Water Separator Cleaning Tacoma


Industrial equipment needs timely cleaning for maintaining its efficiency and that includes oil water separator cleaning in your Tacoma facility. Not draining or cleaning the oil water separator on a regular basis prevents the device from working as greasy slush and debris accumulates in it. Neglecting dirty oil-water separators can even be hazardous for the environment and also invite fines for violation.

If you have not scheduled a water separator cleaning recently, this is the best time to call us to take out sludge and wastewater. We offer water separator cleaning services for diverse businesses, including:

  • Car repair shops
  • Industrial units
  • Petroleum terminals

We provide meticulous attention to detail in every oil and water separator cleaning job that we take on. Our competent technicians can pump out the waste liquid and sludge from above the ground as well as underground oil/water separators.

For thorough boiler cleaning in your Tacoma property by professional technicians, call Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3783. WE can also meet your needs for water separator cleaning and tank cleaning services.