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Bulk Hauling Puyallup

Bulk Hauling Puyallup


If you have just wrapped up a septic tank cleaning or sewage tank cleaning project at home and require removal of the debris, you can call us for bulk hauling service in Puyallup, WA. There are several companies that offer bulk hauling waste transportation services in Puyallup.

Get in touch with Drain-Pro for bulk hauling waste in Puyallup. As an established company, we have been bulk hauling waste from Puyallup and other surrounding areas since 2007. Call us when you require any of the following for bulk hauling services in Puyallup:

  • Bulk tankers
  • Pneumatic trailers
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Pumper trucks

Rely on us as the “most experienced hauling services near me” in Puyallup. Our skilled and trained workers ensure that all materials including waste, liquids, solvents, or anything else are properly hauled.

Call Drain-Pro for bulk hauling in Puyallup!

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Bulk Waste Hauling Puyallup


Not all companies provide bulk waste hauling in Puyallup. As this is a job that requires specialized equipment and expertise, not many companies engage in this service. However, there is a need of bulk waste hauling and disposal in the right manner to ensure that the waste does not contaminate land or water resources.

Rely on us for bulk waste hauling in Puyallup. We are efficient in our work and provide the trucks and trailers depending upon the type of waste to be removed. Call us for the bulk waste hauling of the following in Puyallup:

  • Bio solids
  • Waste water sludge
  • Sewage waste
  • Septic tank waste

We are licensed and authorized to carry out bulk waste hauling in Puyallup. Let us meet and schedule the waste hauling services when convenient for you.

Call Drain-Pro for bulk waste hauling in Puyallup!

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Bulk Hauling Waste Puyallup


Whenever you require bulk hauling waste transportation in Puyallup, do get in touch with us. As we have catered to numerous similar projects in the past, we are well-versed with the procedures and can provide them as required.

We also provide septic pumping and grease trap pumping services. These services help in getting rid of the waste, after which we haul the waste away to the designated spots. We provide the following bulk hauling waste services in Puyallup:

  • Haulage from sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial sludge removal
  • Sewage hauling
  • Sludge hauling

Efficient and timely removal of the sludge also prevents the tanks from getting clogged. Rely on us for affordable and timely services.

Call Drain-Pro for bulk hauling waste in Puyallup!

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