Grease Pumping Bowling Green

Grease Pumping Bowling Green

If you are operating a commercial kitchen like a restaurant, you need to have regular grease trap cleaning done to avoid grease build-up in the sewer lines. The lines can get clogged due to excessive grease, which is an expensive affair to clean.

Get in touch with Drain-Pro Inc. for high-quality grease pumping services in the Bowling Green, NC area. Being an established and experienced company, we first take care of any grease trap repairs and grease trap cleaning to ensure that the process of grease pumping is done correctly. We recommend regular grease pumping and trap cleaning as the trap:

  • Traps the grease
  • Separates it from water
  • Can get clogged quickly

Most municipal authorities require regular grease pumping to keep the sewer lines moving. In case you have any problems with the grease trap, call us for immediate inspection and subsequent grease trap repairs.

Grease Trap Cleaning Bowling Green

Choosing professionals for grease trap cleaning is a good idea as they are well versed with the process and are well equipped. Whatever the type of grease trap you have, they will clean it thoroughly and efficiently.

Rely on us for professional quality grease trap cleaning in the Bowling Green area. We use the best techniques and methods to provide grease trap cleaning for all types of grease traps, including:

  • Small hydromechanical grease interceptors
  • An automatic grease removal system
  • Gravity grease interceptors
  • Maximum retention HGIs

Our skilled and trained technicians use the most advanced methods of grease trap cleaning to ensure that the traps are thoroughly clean and that the process of grease pumping goes smoothly. While this is an essential process due to regulatory practices, it also keeps your commercial eatery clean and hygienic.

Grease Trap Repairs Bowling Green

The need for grease trap repairs occurs when the grease trap is unable to trap the grease. This could be due to several reasons; irregular cleaning being one of the leading ones.

Get in touch with us when you notice that it is time to get grease pumping done. We will inspect the grease trap and provide any grease trap repairs for Bowling Green area commercial kitchens if required. Call us for the inspection and subsequent grease trap repairs in Bowling Green when you notice the following:

  • Slow drainage
  • Foul odor
  • Trap not empty

Rely on our efficient and timely services for grease trap repairs and grease trap cleaning.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (980) 247-8557 for any grease pumping and related services in the Bowling Green area.