Grease Pumping Dallas

Grease Pumping Dallas

Proper disposal of the FOG (fats, oils, and grease) residues is one of the most challenging aspects of running a commercial kitchen. The best solution is the installation of a grease trap, also called grease interceptor.

This a mechanism to stop the FOG and food waste coming down kitchen drainpipe from entering the sewer system. Grease traps can be installed inside the kitchen (usually under the sink) or outside in a strategic underground location.

Just like with septic tanks, regular grease trap cleaning and pumping in is essential for keeping the device working fine. Drain-Pro Inc. offers grease pumping services in the Dallas, NC area to help ensure the smooth running of commercial kitchens without any risk of:

  • Sewage backups
  • Municipal penalties
  • Loss of business or goodwill due to poor hygiene
  • Premature grease trap replacement

Grease Trap Cleaning Dallas

Grease trap cleaning is a job that is best left to trained and suitably equipped professionals. DIY grease pumping can be a nightmare! Do not invite needless headache and focus on doing what you do best – running the kitchen. Let us take care of your grease trap cleaning needs in Dallas.

Our company is equipped for handling just about any grease trap cleaning job. We have the specialized manpower and equipment for carrying out grease pumping without any hassle for even the biggest or busiest of commercial kitchens. Hire us for both interior and exterior grease trap cleaning.

When you call for grease pumping, rest assured of:

  • Same day service
  • Seamless work, without interrupting your business
  • Proper disposal of grease trap waste

Grease Trap Repairs Dallas

We also specialize in making grease trap repairs. A broken grease interceptor means significant trouble. Ignoring it can impact your business adversely. Delay in grease trap repairs eventually leads to FOG entering and clogging the sewer lines. The resulting sewage backup creates havoc in the kitchen.

Realizing all this, we offer 24-hour emergency service for making grease trap repairs in Dallas properties. Call us immediately and get grease traps repairs done while the issue is still small. We are known for performing grease trap repairs:

  • That stands the test of time
  • With diligence
  • Using quality materials
  • At a fair, affordable price

We have technicians with extensive experience in handling grease pumping jobs in Dallas and beyond. You can rely upon us for comprehensive grease pumping to make the trap as clean as new.

Hire Drain-Pro Inc. for grease trap repairs and grease trap cleaning in the Dallas area. Call (980) 247-8557.