Grease Pumping Gastonia

Grease Pumping Gastonia

Local authorities require businesses in the food service industry to have a system in place to prevent fats, oil and grease (FOG) from getting into city sewer systems.

That is why facilities like restaurants and industrial kitchens get grease traps or grease interceptors installed to keep food scraps and fats out of waste disposal lines.

Regular grease pumping is essential to keep traps working efficiently. Timely grease trap cleaning is also required to clear municipal health inspections and avoid penalties for violations.

At Drain-Pro Inc., we offer grease pumping services in Gastonia, NC to facilitate proper waste management in commercial kitchens. Whether you want grease trap cleaning services as part of regularly scheduled maintenance tasks at your facility, or need urgent grease pumping to deal with an emergency situation, we have you covered.

WE provide grease pumping services in Gastonia using:

  • A powerful vacuum truck
  • Well-trained technicians
  • Diligent attention to detail

Grease Trap Cleaning Gastonia

Improper grease trap cleaning can create a real risk for your business by causing unexpected disruptions. If you do not want sudden sewage backups into your commercial establishment, ensure that grease pumping is done regularly, on schedule, and efficiently.

Let us take care of all your grease trap cleaning needs in Gastonia. Our company is staffed by highly skilled and experienced technicians who are proven professionals at the job. They appreciate the importance of doing grease trap cleaning thoroughly.

We go all out to ensure that the grease traps in your property are cleaned thoroughly. Our technicians get your grease traps flowing smoothly after scraping and power-washing:

  • Sidewalls
  • Bottoms
  • Baffles

Grease Trap Repairs Gastonia

Our expertise with grease traps is not limited to grease pumping. We also make grease trap repairs to Gastonia properties. A broken grease trap is a serious problem and taking it lightly can cost your business.

Avoid going DIY or hiring the neighborhood handyman for grease trap repairs if you do not want waste disposal issues on your property to get out of hand. Make us your first and only call for grease trap repairs that get your kitchen up and running.

We are available round-the-clock to make grease trap repairs and are known to provide solutions that are:

  • Correct
  • Reliable and enduring
  • Cost-effective

Drain-Pro Inc. is the #1 choice for grease trap cleaning and grease trap repairs in the Gastonia area. Reach us at (980) 243-8296.