Grease Pumping Puyallup

Grease Pumping Puyallup


Being a part of the cooking process, grease cannot be avoided. However, it can be stopped from flowing into the drains and clogging them by using grease traps. Timely and regular grease trap cleaning is essential to keep grease lines clear.

In case the grease lines are clogged, call in the experts for a thorough Puyallup grease pumping service.

Call in Drain-Pro Inc. for your Puyallup grease pumping project requirements in the locality. Being an established company, we offer a range of Puyallup grease pumping services that include:

  • Inspection of inlets and outlets
  • Removal of oil, fat and grease
  • Scraping and washing of walls
  • Reporting any problems with the grease traps

As a commercial kitchen owner, you cannot run the risk of losing business because of untimed Puyallup grease pumping. Partner with us to get regular Puyallup grease pumping service. Once scheduled, you will not have to remember service appointments for grease trap cleaning and pumping – we will arrive on your schedule at regular intervals.

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Grease Trap Cleaning Puyallup


Optimal functioning of a kitchen can be ensured with regular grease trap maintenance. Emptying and cleaning grease traps prevents blockages and expensive grease trap repairs. Puyallup grease trap cleaning is also essential to avoid risk of backups, flooding and odor.

Engage us for grease trap cleaning Puyallup has to offer. Our grease removal experts will assess the grease to water ratio and then clean the traps in the following ways:

  • Empty liquid and solid debris
  • Remove blockages
  • Deodorize to minimize odor
  • Dispose of the grease in the proper manner

The frequency of Puyallup grease trap cleaning will depend upon the size of your establishment and the volume of food cooked.

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Grease Trap Repairs Puyallup


In places where grease pumping is not done regularly, there is grease buildup in the grease lines and drains. This leads to choked lines causing flooding and other related problems.

You will need the help of professionals for Puyallup grease trap repairs to ensure that the grease is properly separated from the food particles and efficiently disposed of.

Trust us for grease trap repairs Puyallup has to offer for the following reasons:

  • Our professional approach
  • Use of high tech equipment
  • Timely completion of work
  • Work scheduled at convenient hours

Avoid the business interruptions and hassles of improper grease pumping and trap repairs. Let us keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Feel free to call Drain-Pro Inc. for any grease pumping and grease trap repairs Puyallup has to offer.

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