Grease Pumping Ranlo

Grease Pumping Ranlo

Periodic grease trap cleaning is a must if you want to avoid blockage in the flow of sewer lines. Excess grease, oil, fats, and food particles collected in the trap cause unpleasant smells as well.

Drain-Pro Inc. provides grease pumping services in the Ranlo, NC area to help commercial kitchens run smoothly without any risk of sewage backups. After pumping out and cleaning the grease trap, our technicians remove the waste from the jobsite for its proper disposal. By carrying out our grease pumping service effectively, we serve our customers and the environment alike.

Our team of experts can provide efficient grease trap cleaning services in Ranlo, whether it is an:

  • Indoor grease trap under the sink
  • Large underground outdoor grease trap
  • Trap in the drain line from dishwashers

Grease Trap Cleaning Ranlo

Generally, it is recommended that grease pumping be carried out once every one to three months. The actual frequency for grease trap cleaning in your Ranlo area property will depend on the type and amount of cooking done in your kitchen as well as the size of grease traps installed. In any case, do not wait for the trap to fill to capacity before calling us for grease pumping.

Our company caters to a diverse clientele. We strive to meet the grease trap cleaning needs in all types of establishments, including:

  • Eateries
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Schools and colleges
  • Industrial facilities

It is estimated that sewers back up about 400,000 times annually in the USA. To make sure that your business does not add to this number, call us well in time for grease trap cleaning services.

Grease Trap Repairs Ranlo

Other than grease pumping, our technicians can make all kinds of grease trap repairs. Minor issues with grease traps should be dealt with before they turn into something significant. However, do not opt for do-it-yourself grease trap repairs. You must handle a lot of filth and could damage the trap.

Allow our experienced technicians to help you with all the grease trap repairs that your Ranlo area property requires. We offer 24/7 emergency service so that you can always keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly.

No matter how big or complex the problem, we perform grease trap repairs:

  • Using state-of-the-art equipment
  • With patience and diligence
  • Causing minimum business interruption
  • At competitive rates

Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (980) 247-8557 for grease pumping services in the Ranlo area. We are also the go-to experts for grease trap repairs.