Grease Pumping South Gastonia

Grease Pumping South Gastonia

Grease traps are a part of every commercial kitchen and can be located either outside or inside a building. It traps the grease as the kitchen wastewater flows through the system. Your grease trap sees a lot of waste, which is why grease pumping must be done regularly. If you want to hire a reliable contractor for grease pumping around the South Gastonia, NC area, then give us a call at Drain-Pro.

Our grease trap cleaning services make sure that your grease trap system is completely clean and its functionality is restored. Give us a call if you want to learn more about our grease trap repairs and cleaning services available near you.

We offer different types of grease pumping services in the South Gastonia area, including:

  • Internal grease pumping
  • External grease pumping
  • Commercial & residential grease pumping

Grease Trap Cleaning South Gastonia

Regular grease trap cleaning is required by municipalities and state and federal law. It is essential to have a professional company do the cleaning and provide the certification the work is completed. Additionally, grease pumping keeps the flow of the system intact but also saves it from any damage. This means you will spend less on grease trap repairs in the future.

Dirty grease traps can also make waste back up into your property, which can prove to be a health risk. So, getting regular grease pumping or grease trap cleaning for your commercial kitchen is necessary. We provide written service quotations for our grease trap repairs and cleaning before we ever begin a job.

Here is why grease trap cleaning for your business in South Gastonia important:

  • Meet all state, local, and federal regulations
  • Maintaining the flow of your drainage system
  • Get rid of bad smell

Grease Trap Repairs South Gastonia

We have been serving locals for their grease trap cleaning requirements since 2017. We offer every type of grease trap repairs and cleaning services so that you can get all your problems fixed by a single contractor.

Additionally, our grease pumping services are affordability priced, which is one of the biggest reasons people choose us over our competitors. Irrespective of our fair pricing, we do not compromise on the quality of our grease trap cleaning services offered.

Why should you choose us for your grease trap repairs around South Gastonia?

  • We are experienced
  • Have fair pricing
  • Offer emergency services

To hire our grease trap repairs team near South Gastonia, you can call Drain-Pro anytime at (980) 247-8557.