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Hydro Excavation Gastonia

Hydro Excavation Gastonia

Drain-Pro Inc. is the foremost source for hydro excavation services in Gastonia, NC and its surrounding areas. An innovative alternative to mechanical digging, hydro excavation makes use of water and vacuum technology for removing soil.

Pressurized water is applied into the soil through hydro excavators to loosen it up and convert it into slurry. Then a vacuum excavator collects the debris and transfers it to a disposal tank.

The hydro excavation technique offers a number of benefits over the traditional excavation method:

  • Easier to control
  • Involves minimal labor
  • Less environmental impact
  • Gets the excavation done much faster
  • Minimizes damage risk to underground cables

Do you want to know more about why it is better to use hydro excavators? Are you interested in hiring us for hydro excavation in your Gastonia property? Get in touch with us today.

Hydro Excavators Gastonia

We are equipped for all types of residential and commercial hydro excavation jobs, big or small. The many applications which we offer for our hydro and vacuum excavator include pot holing for utility locates, digging trenches and making footings.

Our company has invested in state-of-the-art hydro excavators and highly experienced technicians who are rigorously trained in the use of these machines. When we arrive with hydro excavators on your Gastonia property, you can be sure the necessary digging and soil removal will be done:

  • Expertly
  • Smoothly, without any hassle or disruption
  • In the shortest time possible
  • Without any needless damage to your yard

Our technicians are committed to doing a quality job. They work very diligently to deliver efficient, accurate and safe services.

Vacuum Excavators Gastonia

Shoddily planned, poorly performed excavations lead to numerous injuries, deaths, and a lot of property damage every year. Opt for our hydro vacuum excavator services to make sure the work is done safely and effectively.

Hiring our hydro excavation services also saves you time and money. Our vacuum excavator is fast and efficient and gets the excavation job done quickly. No accidental hits to utilities services also means cost savings. The best thing about calling us for a vacuum excavator in Gastonia is that we:

  • Place a high premium on quality and professionalism
  • Give top priority to your satisfaction
  • Believe in upfront and competitive pricing

Have a job that calls for hydro excavators in Gastonia? Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (980) 243-8296.