Hydro Excavation Gig Harbor

Hydro Excavation Gig Harbor

When it comes to hydro excavation services in Gig Harbor, WA, Drain-Pro Inc. is your one stop solution. Hydro excavation is a process which uses a vacuum excavator with water jets to excavate soil or natural debris.It is done by cutting through the soil with the help of highly pressurized water.

It is a job which requires complete accuracy, the right equipment and highly trained personnel. We offer our customers highly efficient hydro excavator service which meets these requirements:

Choose our hydro excavation service in Gig Harbor for:

  • Debris removal
  • Any excavation with underground facilities and subsurface utilities
  • Line, sign and pole installation and location
  • Safer pipe and sewer rehabilitation
  • Potholing or daylighting
  • Culvert clean outs

Hydro Excavators Gig Harbor

We feel proud to be one of the leading hydro excavation contractors in the industry. With outstanding hydro excavation technology and machinery, we offer Gig Harbor outstanding hydro excavator service. Our hydro excavators provide a far superior and reliable excavation experience compared to mechanical excavation.

We take pride in our hydro excavation work and are equally proud to have satisfied customers. Call us and discuss your hydro excavation job and we will prove to you why we are such a reputable name in the industry.

Reach out to us with your hydro excavation projects in Gig Harbor if you are looking for a contractor with:

  • Safer, cleaner service
  • Accurate results
  • Proper control over the work
  • Highly experienced staff
  • Required infrastructure
  • Cost effective solutions

Vacuum Excavator Gig Harbor

We also offer excavation services using vacuum excavators. We ensure proper evacuation and easy extraction of soil with vacuum excavator technology.

Excavation projects require a high rate of accuracy. To achieve that level of precision, a proper vacuum excavator is a must. Using a vacuum excavator is increasingly popular due to the growing demand for less environmentally destructive digging solutions.

Our vacuum excavator works best for safely finding and avoiding underground utilities. It reduces – by more than half – the chance of damaging buried utilities. We make sure that our excavator work saves:

  • Time
  • Labor
  • Material handling costs
  • Disruption
  • Utilities damage

Need hydro excavation service in Gig Harbor? Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3783 to fix an appointment for a seamless excavation.