Hydro Excavation Steilacoom

Hydro Excavation Steilacoom


The perception of traditional excavating has certainly been altered with the introduction of vacuum excavating. There has been an increased use of Steilacoom hydro excavation machinery along with vacuum excavators in the industrial and commercial sectors mainly due to advantages like environmental protection and better jobsite efficiency and safety.

Trust Drain-Pro, Inc. for any Steilacoom hydro excavation services. Doing away with the traditional labor intensive digging, our Steilacoom hydro excavation services entail the following steps:

  • Water pressure cuts the debris
  • Manageable size material is sucked through a hose
  • Material is dumped into the storage tank of the excavator

The hose size used to suck the material can vary in size from 3″ to 12″ depending upon the requirement at the jobsite. The collected debris is removed from the tank and dumped at an appropriate and approved disposal site after the Steilacoom hydro excavation is completed.

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Hydro Excavators Steilacoom


The use of Steilacoom hydro excavators is considered best for areas that are congested and have limited space negating the use of heavy excavating machines and equipment. Steilacoom hydro excavators being non-destructive are the best option for digging the soil mass and transferring the waste material to the vacuum excavator.

Call our Steilacoom hydro excavators for the following applications:

  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Utility potholing
  • Catch basin cleaning and maintenance
  • Sewer pump station maintenance

The process of using Steilacoom hydro excavators is environmentally friendly, fast, safe and low risk. It mitigates the risks and labor costs associated with traditional excavation. It can dig around all types of underground pipes and cables and dispose the waste material at the appropriate site or return to the ground once the work is over.

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Vacuum Excavator Steilacoom


A typical Steilacoom vacuum excavator can be truck or trailer mounted depending upon their type and size. Appropriate hydro excavators must be used to pump liquids, sludge and powder.

Call us when you require a Steilacoom vacuum excavator as we have the necessary training and expertise in safely handling the equipment and the soluble being pumped. When you use our Steilacoom vacuum excavator services, you are assured of the following:

  • Safe excavating and exhumation of the soil
  • Work completed in the scheduled time
  • Waste disposed at the approved site

Our Steilacoom vacuum excavator and hydro excavation services offer a complete waste management solution. Our trucks are backed by our expert drivers and knowledgeable personnel that have the ability to handle liquid and solid waste of all types.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. for Steilacoom vacuum excavator services in the area.

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