Hydro Excavation Tacoma

Hydro Excavation Tacoma


Place a call to Drain-Pro Inc. to schedule a Tacoma hydro excavation job on your property, We offer Tacoma hydro excavation that is:

  • Precise
  • Non-destructive
  • Environmentally sound
  • Completed quickly

Tacoma hydro excavation involves using pressurized water to loosen the soil. The resulting slurry is then removed through a vacuum excavator and collected in a debris tank. The advent of Tacoma hydro excavation systems has provided an excellent alternative to the tedious, labor-intensive, time-consuming process of digging with traditional mechanical equipment.

Use of hydro vacuum excavators also minimizes the possibility of accidents and injuries on excavation jobs.

There are a number of applications for which we provide Tacoma hydro excavation services. Our Tacoma hydro excavation systems can be called in for pot holing to expose underground utilities, trenching, footings installation, and more. Call now to discuss your Tacoma hydro excavation requirements.

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Hydro Excavators Tacoma


You may find several companies offering to do excavation with hydro excavators Tacoma has for offer, but we remain top of the industry in skills, experience and resources at a competitive price. We are staffed by well-trained technicians with vast experience in working with Tacoma hydro excavators.

Our hydro excavation specialists:

  • Cater to both residential and commercial customers
  • Can work during any season
  • Are equipped for handling small or large-scale project

Our technicians are committed to excellence. They take a detail-oriented approach to every job to ensure that it is completed efficiently, without any oversight. We use powerful hydrojetters and high-volume vacuum trucks to make sure your project is taken care of quickly and effectively.

Do not hesitate to have our Tacoma hydro excavators brought in whenever you want quick, easy and safe soil extraction.

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Vacuum Excavator Tacoma


Being a customer-friendly business, we strive to deliver thoroughly professional hydro excavation services. The property owners and contractors who turn to our company for Tacoma vacuum excavator in the area can count on us to complete their job:

  • Without unnecessary delays
  • In the most cost-efficient manner
  • Taking due safety precautions
  • With attention to detail that exceeds customer expectations

We maintain our Tacoma vacuum excavators in top working condition. You do not need to worry about equipment failure that stalls your job or hurts your bottom line. We assure you of such superior services that you think only of us the next time you have a job that needs a Tacoma vacuum excavator.

Call us now to know more about the services Drain-Pro Inc. offers with Tacoma vacuum excavator systems in the area.

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