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Industrial Dry Vacuum Boring

Insulation Removal Boring

Are you thinking of replacing damaged insulation in your home? Are you planning to replace the insulation in your commercial property to improve its energy-efficiency? Do you need high-quality insulation removal services in Boring, OR? Drain-Pro Inc. can help.

Insulation removal is not a do-it-yourself job. Reaching into the walls to tug out the insulation materials can result in an uncomfortable, sneezy, itchy situation! The DIY insulation removal can also cause damage to your property.

Why take chances when we are here to provide highly professional insulation services at a fair, affordable price? Our company maintains state-of-the-art industrial dry vacuum capabilities to carry out a wide-range of jobs like silo cleaning, boiler cleaning, insulation removal roof gravel removal and blasting media removal.

We send over well-trained technicians with the most advanced tools to perform insulation removal from your Boring property:

  • In the fastest time possible
  • Thoroughly, without leaving any material behind
  • Safely

Boiler Cleaning Boring

Our company is the leading source for boiler cleaning services in Boring. Look no further than us if you want professional help for keeping your hot water or steam boiler working optimally for a long time to come.

Regular boiler cleaning can contribute a lot to efficiency, longevity and energy-efficiency of the heating system, provided this essential maintenance task is done properly. This is where we step in.

Hiring us for residential and commercial boiler cleaning is assurance of an impeccable job done:

  • By skilled and diligent technicians
  • Without cutting corners
  • Using proven deep cleaning techniques

Choose us for boiler cleaning services that keep your equipment ready to operate optimally, winter after winter. Our experts can work on boilers of all types and sizes.

Silo Cleaning Boring

Silo cleaning is yet another job for which property owners seek our industrial dry vacuum service. We can come in to clean out bulk storage containers used for keeping all types of materials.

We have the skills, experience and resources to handle a silo cleaning job with any degree of difficulty. Our technicians have an impressive past record of meeting the silo cleaning needs of Boring residents with services that:

  • Are meticulous and efficient
  • Surpass the highest industry standards
  • Exceed all client expectations

Hiring us also assures you of complete protection throughout the silo cleaning job since our company is licensed, bonded and insured.

Drain-Pro Inc. is the name to rely on for insulation removal, silo cleaning and boiler cleaning services in the Boring area. Reach us at (503) 217-4510.