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Industrial Dry Vacuum

Insulation Removal Tacoma


Drain-Pro Inc. offers an industrial dry vacuum service to meet a number of property maintenance and cleaning needs. These include insulation removal, boiler cleaning, silo cleaning, roof gravel removal and blasting media removal.

The installation of insulation is supposed to increase the thermal efficiency and interior comfort of a building for many years. However, it deteriorates with time and insulation removal in any Tacoma, WA area property becomes necessary when it gets:

  • Worn-out and less efficient
  • Damp and moldy
  • Infested and damaged by pests

Insulation removal may also be required if the property owner wishes to upgrade to a more efficient material or if the old insulation is suspected of containing the highly toxic asbestos. No matter why you need insulation removal services in Tacoma, we are the industrial dry vacuum experts to hire.

Boiler Cleaning Tacoma


Our capabilities include commercial and industrial boiler cleaning. Proper upkeep is key to the continued efficient performance of this vital asset in any facility. Regular cleaning goes a long way in reducing stress on the boiler and minimizing the chances of its breakdown.

We are committed to helping our clients keep their investment protected and derive optimal returns from it by providing the finest boiler cleaning services in the Tacoma area. Our company can handle boiler cleaning of different types and sizes. We make sure of flawless work on every boiler cleaning job by:

  • Working with a diligent, detail-oriented approach
  • Investing in top-grade, powerful vacuum system
  • Putting well-trained technicians to work

No matter how dirty and aging boilers they are called in to clean, our boiler cleaning experts work to clean each one completely. They handle the industrial dry vacuum skillfully and deliver results that satisfy our clients completely.

Silo Cleaning Tacoma


Excellence is the hallmark of our silo cleaning services. Make us your first call for industrial dry vacuum cleaning of your bulk storage vessels. Ill-maintained, dirty silos can be very detrimental for a business.

Periodic silo cleaning in any Tacoma area facility is a must for:

  • Ensuring unhindered material flow for a production line
  • Preventing contamination of the stored product
  • Maximizing storage capacity
  • Prolonging lifespan of the vessel

We cater to diverse requirements for silo cleaning services. Our skilled, well-equipped technicians can be hired for cleaning silos of all sizes, used for storing virtually any material.

When it comes to insulation removal, silo cleaning, or boiler cleaning services in and around Tacoma, Drain-Pro Inc. is the name remember. Call (253) 289-3262 for industrial dry vacuum service.