Job Site Toilet-Fife

Job Site Toilet Fife


Work at construction sites is impossible unless appropriate arrangement is in place for workers when they need toilet facilities. Whether you call it a porta-potty, portable toilet, portable restroom, or mobile washroom, you simply need it and in adequate numbers to make it easy for workers to be on your construction site for long hours.

The good news is that to rent a porta potty is a quick and simple thing! All that is required is calling Drain-Pro Inc. Our company offers portable job site toilet services in Fife, WA. We can provide you with any number of portable toilets that your site may need.

With us at hand to help, your workers will not be left dependent on the nearest public bathroom or the outdoors for answering nature’s call. Not providing restrooms at the site can create serious problems for you, like:

  • Lost productivity
  • Sanitary concerns at the site
  • Fines and lawsuits

Portable Job Site Toilet Fife


We provide comprehensive portable job site toilet services in the Fife area, striving to meet diverse requirements and fit different budgets. The porta potty rental options offered by us include the following:

  • Standard restrooms
  • ADA compliant units
  • High rise units
  • Trailers with multiple restrooms

Our portable job site toilet services for Fife locations also include handwash stations and low-profile waste holding tanks to ensure that use of the porta-potty facilities is very convenient and hygienic.

We can fulfill your requirements for the temporary restrooms throughout the duration of your construction project. If you want to know about our portable toilet rental pricing or have any other query regarding our services, get in touch with us right away.

Job Site Toilet Services Fife


At our company, we give top priority to customer comfort and satisfaction. Besides providing clean, well-maintained and highly efficient job site restrooms, we extend excellent customer service and charge competitive prices.

Those who turn to us for portable job site toilet services in the Fife area can also rely on our technicians for helpful advice concerning placement of the units. It is important that the porta potty rentals that are to be used at your construction site be positioned right. The units should:

  • Offer privacy
  • Placed on level and uncluttered ground
  • Be close enough but not in the way of heavy machinery
  • Not be accessible to passers-by

We ensure that the restrooms are serviced regularly. Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3262 for portable job site toilet services in the Fife area.