Pipe Video Inspection Puyallup

Pipe Video Inspection Puyallup

Gone are those days when messy digging was the only way to locate problems in underground pipelines. Pipe video inspection in Puyallup, WA properties makes pinpointing pipeline issues accurately much simpler. Drain-Pro offers pipe video inspection services to locate:

  • Physical blockage, grease buildup
  • Corrosion
  • Leaks or broken lines

Are you facing inconvenience due to slow flowing drains, repeated backups or frequent clogs? A pipe video inspection on your Puyallup property is the best way to detect the problem. The process of pipe video inspection involves the use of a specialized camera attached to a flexible rod. It saves time, money, unnecessary digging and pipe repair/replacement decisions based on guesswork.

Once the exact problem is identified, we can guide you about the options to fix the clogged or broken line.

Sewer Scope Inspection Puyallup

Prior to investing in an old property, a pre-purchase sewer scope inspection is necessary. It helps in determining the sewer line functionality and checks for broken line in the property. Once you schedule a sewer scope inspection in the Puyallup property, it helps you decide if the investment is worthwhile.

Our trained technicians insert a video camera to detect obstructions and other problems existing in underground lines. Any blockage in the sewer line may not always have immediate visible effects but may lead to problems in the future. The sewer scope inspection will:

  • Pinpoint problem areas
  • Allow you to take timely repair measures
  • Prevent future sewer line problems

On completion of the sewer scope inspection, we give you a detailed report of the inspection which assists you in taking future decisions.

Broken Line Puyallup

A broken line in your Puyallup area property needs immediate attention to keep your home or business up and running. Pipe video inspection allows prompt detection, making pipe repair or replacement a faster process. Relying on assumptions is never the best choice!

The advanced technology of sewer scope inspection allows clear identification of broken line and rupture or any other underlying problems that are hidden from view. Our pipe video inspection services are:

  • Cost effective
  • Offer a quick way of drain inspection
  • Have inspection capabilities of 2.5″ to 200″ pipe

We are NASCO certified operators who provide you with CD, DVD, VHS formats along with the report sheet.

To schedule a pipe video inspection in your Puyallup property by Drain-Pro, call (253) 289-3262. Let our expert technicians detect the root cause of underground pipe problems with sewer scope inspection and identify any broken line in your residential and commercial property.