Portable Restroom Covington

Portable Restroom Covington


As the organizer of an outdoor event, the first thing you must take care of after finalizing the venue is portable toilets. Customers, guests, and workers coming to the event must not face any inconvenience due to the absence of a bathroom. You want to get in touch with a restroom rental company to arrange the portable restroom units.

Give a call to Drain-Pro, Inc. for any number of portable restroom units in the Covington, WA area. Being an established and experienced company, we provide portable toilets and restroom units for all types of outdoor events.

Call us to reserve your portable restroom units for any of the following events:

  • Weddings
  • Fares and exhibitions
  • Charity event or sporting events
  • Construction site

Each of our portable restroom units is designed ergonomically. You need not worry about picking and dropping the equipment as we take care of that. Simply give us the number of portable restroom units required, and our staff will do the rest to install the units.

Restroom Rental Covington


With several restroom rental companies operating in Covington, choosing the best seems to be a challenging task. However, you must go by your research work and look for a restroom rental company that offers you a good deal by way of rentals as well as add-on services.

Count on us as the restroom rental company around Covington for any requirement of portable toilets. We have successfully provided portable toilets for several events in the past. Get in touch with us to get any of the following types of portable restroom and toilet units:

  • Standard units
  • Women’s units or ADA units
  • High rise units
  • Sink combo

The best thing about dealing with us as a restroom rental company is that we never compromise on our services. Our dedicated staff invests the time and effort necessary to set up the units at the designated spot to make your event a success.

Portable Toilets Covington


Investing in portable toilets is beneficial in several ways, especially if you have an ongoing event that will last for a good number of days. Instead of getting fully operational toilets constructed, get portable toilets quickly and easily.

Some of the benefits of using portable toilets include:

  • Saves considerable time
  • Preserves the environment
  • Are comfortable and clean
  • Great customer relations

Let us serve you as your restroom rental company for any requirements of portable toilets around Covington.

To learn more about the availability of portable restroom units in the Covington area, call Drain-Pro, Inc. at (253) 289-3787.