Portable Restroom University Place

Portable Restroom University Place


Whenever there is an outdoor activity or event, one of the biggest challenges is having a restroom available. It can be because either the location does not have a toilet nearby or there are so many people that you need additional portable toilets. The ideal way to handle a situation like this is by renting portable restrooms from us in University Place, WA.

For all your requirements related to restroom rental, you can count on Drain-Pro. We were established in the year 2007 and are known for providing portable restrooms for rentals in the University Place area. Below are a few examples of events that often require portable restroom rental services.

  • Portable restrooms for camping trips
  • Restroom rental for construction sites
  • Portable toilets for outdoor events

Restroom Rental University Place


We at Drain-Pro Understand that not all your portable restroom requirements can be the same. Different situations or events require different types of services. That is why we have a range of offerings for our customers looking for restroom rental in University Place.

Apart from the basic restroom rental services, we also provide additional facilities. These include things like setting up a low profile holding tank. Moreover, we can even install a washing station close to your restroom rental setup for added convenience.

Here is a list of different types of portable restroom units available at Drain-Pro for rental:

  • Standard and ADA restroom rental units
  • Customized women’s portable toilets
  • High-rise portable restroom units
  • Restroom rental with sink combos
  • Luxury portable restroom trailers

Portable Toilets University Place


By renting our portable toilets in University Place, you can enjoy a number of advantages. Our staff at Drain-Pro is always willing to invest time and their expert knowledge, in order to provide you with assistance.

They can help you set up for special events as well. So, do not waste time coming up with the ideal configuration for the portable toilets. Let us do that work for you.

If you are still wondering why you should rent portable toilets from us, then check out the following reasons:

  • They provide convenience
  • Are easy to use
  • A cost-effective alternative
  • Are readily available

Get in touch with us today to learn about the different units available and the ones that will suit your requirements better. To rent portable toilets from us at Drain-Pro in University Place, call us at (253) 289-3262.