Septic Maintenance

Septic Inspection Tacoma


The owner of a residential, commercial or industrial property using an on-site septic system must get a septic inspection done every few years. A significant amount of wastewater and solids flow into the septic system daily and the system works hard to ensure that these are disposed of correctly. The reasons for scheduling periodic septic inspection in any Tacoma, WA area property include:

  • Avoiding sudden and major septic problems
  • Improving efficiency and durability of the system
  • Minimizing health and environmental risks from septic malfunction

Hire the experts at Drain-Pro Inc. for septic inspection in your property if you want to ascertain the condition of its waste management system. We are also qualified to conduct real estate septic inspection in Tacoma. A report of the septic inspection is among the documents that a property owner should provide to the buyer to close the sale.

We even inspect the septic system in properties on which refinancing is sought from mortgage companies.

Septic Maintenance Tacoma


Your septic system that works hard 24/7 for the efficient disposal of waste generated on your property needs some TLC. Neglecting routine septic maintenance can be a costly mistake. By ignoring septic maintenance, you could end up suffering severe hassle from a sewage backup into the property and the monetary burden of septic repairs or premature septic system replacement.

Keep your septic system in robust health by scheduling regular visits by our septic maintenance crew to your Tacoma area property. We offer comprehensive septic maintenance services that include:

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Drain field jetting
  • Interior grease trap cleaning
  • Preventive maintenance checkups on wastewater lift stations

The objective of our septic maintenance experts is to ensure that your property has a code-compliant system that works at peak efficiency and lasts long.

Septic Repairs Tacoma


Just as everything else, a septic system wears down with time and may need to be repaired occasionally. Give us a call when it is time for septic repairs in your Tacoma area property.

We are experienced in fixing all kinds of problems with a septic system. Some of the common issues for which we provide septic repairs include:

  • Leaking septic tank
  • Oversaturated leach field
  • Damaged distribution box
  • Broken septic pump

Trust us for quick and efficient septic repairs to restore your waste disposal system. Our technicians work diligently and use top-grade replacement parts to ensure lasting septic repairs.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3262 to schedule a septic inspection, septic maintenance or septic repairs in your Tacoma area property.