Septic Systems Inspections-Gig Harbor

Septic Inspections Gig Harbor


Since establishing Drain-Pro Inc. in 2007, we have worked hard to become one of the most trusted experts for making septic inspections in the Gig Harbor, WA area. We are available for carrying out septic systems inspections in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

There are several situations where you could need to hire professionals for septic system inspection for your property. Sometimes, you may be legally obliged to do so and at times, you have it done by your own choice. We are ready and eager to meet all your needs for septic inspections in Gig Harbor.

You can schedule a visit by our technicians to your property for septic system inspection:

  • As a routine septic maintenance task
  • For facilitating sale of your property
  • As required by mortgage company for refinancing
  • To troubleshoot an undetected septic problem

Our company is known for making honest and thorough septic inspections.

Septic System Inspection Gig Harbor


Nobody understands better than us that a septic system inspection is of no use if it is not done comprehensively. There are specific reasons for carrying out septic systems inspections. A detailed check up of the system is meant to reveal the following:

  • Its general condition and estimated remaining lifespan
  • Code compliance issues, if any
  • Issues that have developed or could occur

We assure you that septic system inspection in your Gig Harbor property will not be just a surface job, but the meticulous job that you need, expect, and deserve. In case you have a well for providing or supplementing water supply to your property, we can send in our technicians for both well water and septic inspections.

Septic Systems Inspections Gig Harbor


There may be quite a few companies offering their services for performing septic systems inspections in the Gig Harbor area. However, you should keep in mind that all these are not equal in experience, capabilities, pricing, professionalism, and other points of comparison.

Give us a call if you think, “I want to hire the best technicians available for septic inspections near me.” We bring extensive experience and unmatched expertise to all our jobs for septic systems inspections. With us, you can be sure of having the septic systems inspections done:

  • By diligent technicians
  • With cutting-edge equipment
  • At competitive rates

Are you wondering how much septic inspections cost? Do you have any other query regarding our services for septic system inspections? Is it time for septic system inspection in your Gig Harbor property? Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3262.