Septic System Inspections – Tacoma

Septic Inspections Tacoma


There can be various reasons for getting a septic system inspected. Whatever the reason, you must get the help of experts to conduct the septic system inspections and any repairs that might be required.

Get in touch with professionals at Drain-Pro Inc. for efficient and advanced septic inspections in Tacoma, WA. As an established company, we recommend you get water and septic inspections in the following cases:

  • Property is being sold or bought
  • There is an evident problem
  • Remodeling or addition to home

You do not want to end up with a property that has septic problems. Therefore, getting septic inspections done by professionals will help you ensure that you are putting your money in the right place.

Septic System Inspection Tacoma


Getting the septic system inspection done by a professional company gives you peace of mind as well as everything done in writing. This way you are assured that your home does not have any septic problems and that it can be sold or remodeled, as the case may be.

Rely on our expertise in conducting a septic system inspection in Tacoma as we have been serving in this capacity for a long time. Scheduling our septic system inspection assures you of the following:

  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Camera assisted inspection
  • Adherence to all environmental standards

Our technicians are fully equipped and thoroughly knowledgeable about the latest techniques that help them in conducting the septic system inspections with ease and efficiency. We recommend timely septic system inspections to avoid costly repairs or replacement later. If it has been a long time since the septic inspections were conducted, call us!

Septic Systems Inspections Tacoma


Getting certified septic system inspections in Tacoma becomes essential if you are facing problems with the sewers and drains around your home. Ensure that you get the experts to provide septic system inspections.

Count on us when you require septic system inspections in Tacoma. Conducting the septic system inspections. our inspector will follow the given steps:

  • Locate and uncover tank
  • Pump and observe tank conditions
  • Examine the drainfield

The drainfield is dug only when the inspector finds that the system is not well maintained. A soil test or probe reveals the condition of the drainfield. Spending a small amount on septic system inspection is better than carrying out expensive repairs later. Place a call to Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3262 for septic inspections in Tacoma.