Septic Pumping Boring

Septic Pumping Boring


Regular septic pumping is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of your septic system and prolonging its life. However, it is equally important to make sure that the septic tank is pumped properly.

Get in touch with Drain-Pro Inc. when it is time for septic pumping in your Boring, OR home or commercial property. Our company has been providing wide-ranging septic system services since 2007 and knows all that goes into doing a septic pumping job well.

When you call us to pump your septic tank, we guarantee that:

  • The sludge will be removed completely
  • No mess will be left behind on your property
  • All work will be done quickly, without hassle

Our technicians can also help you work out the right schedule for septic pumping in your Boring property, depending on the size of septic system and your water usage habits.

Call us today to discuss your septic pumping needs.

Septic Repair Boring


Besides helping with maintenance of septic systems, we also provide septic repair services to facilitate uninterrupted waste disposal in residential and commercial properties.

There are a number of issues that can lead to septic trouble. You may need to call in septic repair experts to your Boring property if algae growth, excess water or buildup of non-biodegradable products in the tank causes sewage backups.

It is best to watch out for signs of problem and call us right away. If you detect septic system malfunctioning or have the septic tank alarm buzzing. Give us a call.

We offer comprehensive septic repair services to fix issues with any component of the septic system, including:

  • Septic pumps
  • Drain fields
  • Lift stations
  • Sewer lines

Our seasoned septic repair specialists diagnose the underlying problem correctly and fix it so you have a lasting solution.

Septic Inspections Boring


We also conduct septic inspections in Boring to assess the condition of septic systems on any property. People generally get the septic system check when a home for sale inspected before a buyer makes an offer. Property owners can also go in for septic inspections as a preventive measure to avoid the mess, stress, damage and loss brought on by sudden septic system failure.

Hire us for performing septic inspections if you want the assurance of a job thoroughly done. The technicians we send for making septic inspections are:

  • Highly knowledgeable
  • Sincere, responsible and dependable
  • Committed to protecting your best interests

Call (503) 217-4510 to hire the experts at Drain-Pro Inc. for septic pumping, septic repair or septic inspections in Boring.