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Septic Pumping Charlotte

Septic Pumping Charlotte


If your home is not attached to the municipal sewer line, then you have a septic tank in your yard. It collects the wastewater from your home and drains it to the leach fields. Get septic inspections done periodically to ensure that the system is working fine.

Give a call to the professionals from Drain-Pro Inc. for efficient septic pumping services in the Charlotte, NC area. Being an established company offering septic repair and septic inspections, we understand the usual problems faced by septic tanks and are always ready for any call. Call us for septic pumping when you notice the following around your home:

  • Slow-moving drains
  • Lush green grass in the lawn
  • Water pooling
  • Sewage backup

The mentioned signs could indicate that the tank is full and needs septic pumping. Alternatively, it could have developed some problem requiring septic repair services — schedule septic inspections to get the correct status of the tank and estimate regarding the costs involved.

Septic Repair Charlotte


Septic repair becomes essential if the tank gets filled up frequently despite getting septic pumping regularly. Septic tanks are meant to serve you without any pumping for at least 3-4 years. Any frequent need for pumping earlier than this means there is something wrong with the septic tank.

Count on us for septic repair services in the Charlotte area. We provide high-quality septic repair services for the following problems associated with septic tanks:

  • Cracks and breaks
  • Blockages in percolation areas
  • Crushed pipes

We use the latest machines and equipment to provide septic repair services. Our skilled and trained workers inspect the area carefully and based on the reports of the inspections repair or replace the tank.

Septic Inspections Charlotte


Carefully conducted septic inspections are essential to understand the exact status of your septic tank. Choose only the best and the most qualified company for septic inspections around Charlotte. Take reviews and recommendations from those that have recently faced similar problems related to septic tanks and got the inspections done.

Count on us for septic inspections in Charlotte as we are well versed with the area and have served in this capacity. We offer septic inspections:

  • At your convenience
  • Through qualified personnel
  • Using the best equipment

Rely on our inspection results to know whether you require septic pumping or septic repair. We provide estimates before starting any work.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (980) 247-8557 for any septic pumping services in the Charlotte area.