Septic Pumping Dallas

Septic Pumping Dallas


Septic pumping is something that many property owners tend to forget as they rush about their daily work and family life. The result of not getting the septic tank pumped and cleaned on time invariably is sewage backup into the building, creating a stinking, unhygienic mess.

At Drain-Pro Inc., we suggest people be regular in getting septic pumping done in their Dallas, NC area property frequently. There are numerous benefits in doing so. Timely septic pumping helps in:

  • Increasing the efficiency and life of the septic system
  • Promoting the health and safety of people
  • Reducing septic repair hassles and costs

Our company caters to all types of residential and commercial demands for septic pumping in the Dallas area. We can be called in for pre-scheduled as well as emergency cleaning of septic tanks. No matter what the job, we work hard to deliver seamless septic pumping services that make every first-time customer our lifelong patron.

Septic Repair Dallas


Just like any other installation, your septic system can have breakdowns occasionally. Turn to septic repair experts at such times. Our technicians have an in-depth understanding of working of a septic system and can be trusted to fix any big or small issue that hampers it.

We realize how important it is to have the wastewater flow in any home or business place continue unhindered. That is why we make our crew available round-the-clock for providing emergency septic repair services in Dallas and the nearby areas.

Call us, day or night, when you encounter a septic system failure. Our septic repair team is dispatched quickly to look into the problem. The best thing about calling us for septic repair is that our services combine speedy response with:

  • Diligent workmanship
  • Effective, accurate repairs
  • Lasting solutions (no quick fixes)
  • Competitive pricing

Septic Inspections Dallas


Our expertise includes septic inspections. Dallas homeowners and businesses can ask us to send our technicians for a detailed examination of their septic systems.

The purpose of our septic inspections is to determine the:

  • Condition of septic system
  • Need for septic repairs
  • Health/safety hazards (if any) posed by the system
  • Number of years for which the system is likely to last

Septic inspections are not useful if these are not conducted diligently, thoroughly, and professionally. We know this and see to it that our technicians do not cut corners while carrying out septic inspections.

Trust Drain-Pro Inc. with all your needs for septic pumping, septic repair, and septic inspections in the Dallas area. Call (980) 247-8557.