Septic Pumping Gastonia

Septic Pumping Gastonia


Regular septic inspections done by professionals in your home will ensure the smooth functioning of your septic pump. Scum and sewage that build up in the septic tanks hamper their functioning and cause sewage backup and other related problems like slow-moving drains and foul odors around the property.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. for septic pumping services in Gastonia, NC. Offering septic pumping and other services since 2007, we have several years of experience backing us. We recommend you to get septic pumping on a regular basis as improper maintenance of the septic system:

  • Can be dangerous for your family
  • Pose a threat to the public health and environment
  • Affect neighboring properties

Our technicians will schedule the septic pumping when it is convenient for you. We use the latest technology and equipment and complete our work quickly and on time.

Septic Repair Gastonia


Timely and regular septic inspections will also bring to your attention any issues with the septic system itself. You can get the septic repair services done when the problem is still easy to catch and fix. This saves you hassle and further expense later. The warning signs that show that you need septic repair include slow moving drains around the house, foul odor, sewage backup and unusually green patches of grass in the lawn.

Trust us for septic repair services in Gastonia. We are available to to tackle any septic system issue. We provide septic repair services for the following:

  • Pipes
  • Tanks
  • Drain fields

Get in touch with us the moment you notice any of the above warning signs. We will send in our specialists to assess the condition of the septic system and schedule the septic pumping and septic repair service.

Septic Inspections Gastonia


Septic inspections are essential not only when you are buying or selling a home or property but also on a routine basis to avoid any underlying problem that can be inconvenient later on. Septic inspections must always be performed by professionals as septic tanks can be highly unsanitary and the methane fumes can be fatal.

Call us for septic inspections in Gastonia and we will send in our team. We pride ourselves on our technicians. They are

  • Highly professional
  • Totally dedicated
  • Very knowledgable
  • Fully trained and experienced

We will report any septic repair requirements to local agencies after the septic inspections are done in your Gastonia home or commercial establishment.

Feel free to call Drain-Pro Inc. at (980) 243-8296 for any septic pumping and septic repair services in Gastonia.