Septic Pumping High Shoals

Septic Pumping High Shoals


If you are connected to a septic system, it means that you will have to get the septic tank pumped regularly which is usually every three to five years. Such septic system pumping ensures the smooth working of the system and enables the drains and the toilets to work correctly.

Call experts from Drain-Pro Inc. for efficient services for septic pumping in the High Shoals, NC area. As an established contractor, we provide our septic pumping services in High Shoals and elsewhere using the best equipment and latest techniques. We recommend regular septic pumping to our clients to avail the following benefits:

  • Safe from property damage
  • Increase in property value
  • Prevent damage to the system

We carry all the necessary equipment on our septic pumping truck and can send it as soon as possible to the site where the pumping is required. You simply need to tell us about your problem, and we will handle the rest.

Septic System Pumping High Shoals


Timely and regular septic system pumping can save you from a lot of trouble and save you money as well. Septic system failures due to non-clearing of the tanks will result in huge expenses on septic system replacement.

Rely on us for septic system pumping around High Shoals as we have been helping other area customers with septic systems since 2017. While there are various methods of septic system pumping, we generally recommend the following three:

  • Preventative pumping
  • Power rodding
  • Septic jetting

Septic jetting is considered the best and the most successful method for septic system pumping because it not only deals with simple clogs but can also remove tree roots from the pipes.

Septic Jetting High Shoals


Septic jetting involves the use of high-pressure water through the pipes to flush away anything that is blocking the septic system. The high-pressure water breaks away anything that keeps the system from performing correctly.

Count on us when you need septic jetting services in the High Shoals area. Trusting us for septic jetting services means that you trust us for the following:

  • Our workmanship
  • Timely completion of work
  • Competitive pricing

We schedule the septic jetting for your home when it is convenient for you. Give us a call with the problems that you are facing, and we will dispatch our fully equipped truck with trained and experienced personnel.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (980) 243-8296 for any septic pumping services you may need in the High Shoals area.