Sewage Pumping – Tacoma

Sewage Pumping Tacoma


If your plumbing system relies on a sump and sewage pump to transport waste water and gray water out of your home, you will have to ensure that these pumps are always in order so they function properly.

Get in touch with experts at Drain-Pro for efficient services related to sewage pumping in Tacoma, WA. As an established company, we have been offering sewage pumping services in Tacoma since 2007. Rely on us to be your sewage pumping company in Tacoma when you notice the following signs:

  • Foul sewage odor
  • Standing water in the lawn
  • Sewage backup
  • Slow moving drains

Rely on our expert and trained plumbers for efficient sewage pumping services in Tacoma. As they are well-equipped and experienced, they carry out the work of sewage pumping in Tacoma with ease.

Call Drain-Pro at (253) 289-3262 when you are looking for one of the leading sewage pumping companies in the Tacoma area.

Sewage Pump Tacoma


There are basically two variants of a sewage pump. One of these is the sewage ejector pump, and the other is the submersible pump. The choice of the ideal sewage pump for your Tacoma home will depend upon your usage.

Rely on us for sewage pump service in Tacoma as we are thorough specialists. We not only provide the ideal pump for a location, but also provide repair and maintenance services. Call us for services related to a sewage pump for the treatment of wastewater at any of the following places:

  • Commercial sewage pump
  • Residential sump pump
  • Industrial sewage system
  • Maritime sewage system
  • Municipal sewage pump

We can provide the estimate of the sewage pump repair costs in Tacoma enabling you to make an informed choice.

Feel free to call Drain-Pro at (253) 289-3262 when you require sewage pump service in Tacoma.

Sewage Ejector Pump Tacoma


The sewage ejector pump is used in Tacoma homes that have the plumbing systems at a lower level than the municipal lines. While most variants of the sewage ejector pumps installed in Tacoma are meant to last at least a decade, some may develop problems earlier.

Count on us when you require sewage ejector pump services in Tacoma. Some reasons why the sewage ejector pump fails are:

  • Obstruction in the discharge line
  • Overheating of ejector pump
  • Bypassing the float switch for long
  • Electrical problems with sewage system

Let our technicians know about the problem that you are facing with the sewage ejector pump in Tacoma and they will come prepared to resolve it.

Contact Drain-Pro at (253) 289-3262 when you require services for a sewage ejector pump in or near Tacoma.