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Sludge and Soil Removal Boring

Sludge and Soil Removal Boring

Sludge and soil removal is often required in a number of industrial facilities like refineries and wastewater treatment plants. When you need expert sludge and soil removal services in the Boring, OR area, place a call to Drain-Pro Inc.

Over time, sludge and slurry tanks gradually fill up. These need to be cleaned by professionals like us who know the right sludge and soil removal techniques. We are:

  • Well equipped
  • Have tankers with a large capacity
  • Are expert at industrial wet vacuuming

Sludge and soil removal is no easy job; it may contain mud, oil, bio-solids, slurry water, or other debris. We dispose of the wastewater in certified disposal facilities to avert contamination and keep the environment safe.

If waste water sludge is one of the byproducts of your industrial operational process and you need only the finest services available for sludge and soil removal in the Boring area, we are there to help you!

Bio Solid Removal Boring

Our expert bio solid removal technicians have the knowledge and capability to haul almost every kind of wastewater sludge in a safe and professional manner.

Bio solids are treated sewage sludge from wastewater treatment facilities. Bio solid removal in Boring properties needs careful handling and specialized equipment as the material often has noxious fumes, heavy metals, pathogens and toxins. Our trained professionals know how to handle bio solid removal professionally.

We have a complete understanding of the bio solid removal process and knowledge of relevant codes. Our state-of-the-art, modern machinery gets bio solid removal jobs done:

  • In a hassle-free manner
  • Quickly
  • Safely

Call us today to schedule bio solid removal services!

Waste Water Sludge Boring

Handling waste water sludge in your Boring area property or industrial facility is not just any cleaning job. it is important to follow safe environmental practices from effective transportation to storing and disposal of waste water sludge products.

We can be trusted for seamless work, whether for regular or emergency waste water sludge cleaning. If you are wondering why to choose us for waste water sludge removal, here are some very good reasons:

  • Quick response and stress-free service
  • Well-maintained equipment
  • Competitive pricing

Whether you need small or large-volume waste water sludge pumping, we do it all! Wondering about sludge and soil removal costs? Call us today for an estimate.

Call Drain-Pro Inc. at (503) 217-4510 for sludge and soil removal in the Boring area. We also specialize in bio solid removal and waste water sludge cleaning.