Sludge and Soil Removal Lakewood

Sludge and Soil Removal Lakewood

Treatment of sludge is essential before it can be released into streams or rivers. Otherwise, hazardous contaminants get released into the water. Professionals having relevant knowledge, expertise and equipment are the best people to call for wastewater sludge treatment or removal.

Keep your septic tanks clean by hiring Drain-Pro Inc. for sludge and soil removal in Lakewood, WA. Sludge and soil removal from tanks is essential to prevent choking or blockage of the tank and pipes.

Moreover, the waste can contain hazardous materials like that must be removed before it is disposed of. These include:

  • Oils
  • Bio solids
  • Mud
  • Debris

Rely on our fully equipped and well-trained personnel for efficient sludge and soil removal. Besides ensuring proper septic maintenance, our sludge and bio solid removal services are available for resolving underground pipe problems.

We use the latest pipe video inspection technologies to see where the problem lies. Then, our experts get down to work to produce a clean and clear septic system.

Bio Solid Removal Lakewood

Treated sewage sludge is known as bio solids. Bio solids are used as a resource for agriculture as they contain significant quantities of the following:

  • Moisture
  • Nutrients
  • Organic matter
  • Trace elements

Produced during the biological treatment of sewage, these bio solids too need to be removed from your septic systems. Call in our professionals to be sure of code-compliant bio solid removal and waste water sludge removal from your property.

We have lengthy experience handling bio solid removal jobs in Lakewood.

For any enquiries on bio solid removal or sludge and soil removal costs, get in touch with us. We offer the best services at the most competitive prices.

Waste Water Sludge Lakewood

Finding the right professionals for handling waste water sludge in Lakewood would require some research. You cannot call just any company claiming to specialize in the work.

You need to ensure that the contractor you choose for waste water sludge and soil removal is licensed and authorized for the job.

Trust our licensed, bonded and insured company with your waste water sludge and soil removal needs in Lakewood. We have:

  • Skilled personnel
  • Cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Hassle-free service

Our large customer base and stellar reputation assure that your job is in the hands of some of the best people in the trade.

Feel free to call Drain-Pro Inc. at (253) 289-3262 for waste water sludge and bio solid removal services in Lakewood.